The Prayer Altar is a lifestyle where we draw the presence of God and push back the spiritual darkness to see transformation come into lives and lands. It is not a program but a lifestyle and is bigger than us, our church and even our nation.

The Altar is a place of adoring, listening, turning, agreeing and reviving. It is a spiritual gateway where heaven comes to earth, where angels ascend and descend and miraculous transformations take place.

The building of prayer altars is not a program. It is a necessity for Christians and for Christian communities to live victoriously and in the purposes of God. As we build altars there are six activities that we engage in that cause us to rise up as warrior priests for His Kingdom.

The foundation of the prayer altar is the Word of God. We encourage all to read around ten chapters of Scripture in order every day so that we connect with God and soak in His Word. Then we enter into praise and worship, hallowing His name from our Scripture reading time so we commune with Him and draw His presence. Then we go into deep repentance as convicted in the presence of God to receive cleansing so we can be qualified priests to go deeper. That is when a gateway to heaven opens and we cross into the spiritual realm where the Spirit of God illuminates and brings revelation and His quickened Word leads us as we start to pray and intercede according to His agenda and not our agenda, and He empowers us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is when we cry out in intercession for others through deep identificational repentance. During this time of Spirit-led intercession we come before God’s Throne to enter into covenant declaration and decreeing over our lives and lands as the Lord leads us in all authority.

This journey happens in our daily private altar times but also spills over into our daily life. Personal prayer altars transform us. Family prayer altars transform our families. Marketplace altars transform our workplaces, community altars transform our communities (such as our church) and national altars transform our nations by ushering in His presence and pushing ways the darkness. The prayer altar ushers us into our destinies in all these areas, for Singapore this means coming into the fullness of our Antioch calling.


祷告祭坛是一种生活模式。它可以吸引上帝的同在,推开灵界黑暗权势。转化我们的生命和领土。祷告祭坛的建立并非是一个程序,而是一种超乎想象的生活模式,可以超越我们个人、教会,甚至国家。祭坛是个崇拜,聆听,回转,立约和复兴的地方。它是天国降临的一个属灵门户,天使自由活动,彰显转化神迹之处。筑坛并非一种程序。而是基督徒和基督教团体遵循上帝旨意,过得胜生活的必要生活模式。为了神国的复兴,我们要成为君尊的祭司。可从六个方面进行筑坛。上帝的话语是祷告祭坛的根基。我们鼓励所有信徒每天读大约十章的圣经,以便与神联结并浸泡在神的话语中。我们赞美和敬拜,用圣经的话语,尊崇主名,与神相交,吸引神的同在。神的同在中,我们进入深切的悔改。自洁之后成为称职圣洁的祭司。祷告祭坛是打开天门的属灵门户,在这有神的灵光照启示,苏醒人心,引领我们祷告呼求。这种祷告程序是按着神所设定的,而非我们自己的程序。我们为他人认同性地悔改并迫切地代求。我们坦然无惧地来到主的宝座前,宣告祂的权柄、确认祂在我们生命和土地上的命定。这样的经历可以发生我们每天的个人祭坛祷告时间里,同样也可以在我们每天的生活中时刻去经历。个人的祷告祭坛转化我们个人。< 家庭的祷告祭坛转化我们的家庭。职场的祷告祭坛转化我们的职场,社群祭坛转化我们的社群(例如我们的教会),国家祭坛转化我们的国家。因着神的同在,推开黑暗的权势。祷告祭坛带领我们进入各领域的命定。新加坡则进入安提亚的命定。